The boys on my bus have been absolute jerks the past few days. My bus driver, whom I thought was a sub but is apparently our new permanent driver, has been receiving crap from them for the last week. A friend of mine told them off yesterday which should have been enough to shut them up, but today they decided to take it a step further. As they got on the bus at the end of the day the all whinnied like a horse. Since the driver didn’t seem to realize they were making fun of her I didn’t want to point it out and say something. They sat in the back for the duration of the bus ride and started asking each other if some one had brought carrots. They all got off except one which the driver held back to talk to, warning him that she’d write him up. After that someone asked about our old driver and the new one informed us that the old one had retired and she was now our new driver. Everyone was excited when they heard that our old driver was gone (she was crazy and NO one liked her), but started laughing when they heard that she was to be our new permanent driver. One of them even asked “seriously” about a dozen times, to which my other friend responded “yes she’s serious you dumb fuck, now shut the hell up!” Not the nicest thing but it got them to stop being idiots for five minutes. Monday should be fun, once all three of us are together we’ll be able to tell all of the jerks off and stop it once and for all. We’ll see though.