Every time my mom comes home we get into a fight, or at least a confrontation. Nothing I do is ever the right thing and it’s REALY annoying. I’ll admit that I do make mistakes sometimes (yes I know, hard to believe that someone as magical as me could have a flaw) but she goes over board on reprimanding me. Tonight she got an annoying tone with me because I spaced and forgot to call my online school so I could take a final. I’ve been a head all week in that class and I just forgot to take this one assignment. I’ve got an 88% even without the test but still I’m in trouble. I’ve got a B average in regular school (which is amazing considering) but still I forget about one test because I’m doing all my other homework and I’m the trouble child of the household. Never mind the fact that my sister is gallivanting across town with her friends or that she goes to the bathroom with all of them (even the boys [yes I’m serious]) she’s a child sent from heaven and I’m horrible. My mom and I get into a quarrel almost every night, more often then not about pointless things, and I’m tired of it. I should be able to come home and relax, but instead I’ve got to suffer through school for six hours, get 4 hours of peace and alone time and then have to listen to my mother the rest of the night. Sorry, I’m just being repetitious now. There’s nothing to report on the school front, except that I’m doing remarkably well in all my classes (for the moment). We’ll see how tomorrow goes.