It’s Sunday which means that I’m watering my orchids. Every Sunday I try to make sure that I get my orchids watered. It takes an hour on a good day so I like to have a whole day to water. Today it took me over two hours because on this particular Sunday I watered all of my plants, which is a very tedious process. I soak each individual so that there’s a better chance of root growth. I’m glad I water this way though because it actually saves water. I plug my sink and then fill it with luke-warm water then sprinkle in some orchid fertilizer and mix it in. Then I soak 4 of my orchids for 30 minutes and 3 of them I water over the sink using the fertilized water. This puts all the excess water back into the mix so that nothing goes to waste. After all my orchids are done I do the same thing to all of my other plants (37 including the orchids). Once all that was done I had to go and scoop the yard. After that I came inside and found some amazing pumpkin ice cream in my freezer. I started eating some when my sister asked what I was eating. I told her and she said she wanted some. I said she couldn’t have any because it was a little container and I wanted most of it. She started to chase me so I ran to the bathroom which has a lock on the door. She got to me before I could shut the door and lock it so I was cornered.

My sister said: “Give me some!”  Me: “No brush your teeth first!” Her: “No! Give me some!” Me: “No go and get your own spoon!” Her: “Ugh/grr fine!” Me: “ok”

Then she left the bathroom with me in toe, because she thought I was going to lock myself in the bathroom, which I did. Once she was far enough away I turned and walked calmly back in the bathroom, shut the door, and locked it. My sister didn’t notice until I was sitting down on the toilet enjoying the deliciousness that is ice-cream. Once she realized that I was in the bathroom she turned and ran back.

Her: “What the fuck!” Me: “Can I help you?” Her: “What the hell I want some ice cream!” she began banging on the door. Me: *laughing* “Okay” Her: “get the hell out of the bathroom fat ass! I want some ice-cream!” Me: *still laughing* “That’s great” Her: “UGH!”

This went on until there was an inch of ice cream left. Then I opened the door and said “here you go.” She wasn’t happy at all. I, on the other hand, was laughing my butt off. She ate the ice cream without complaint, while I stood laughing in the kitchen. Aren’t I a nice brother?