My classmates really amaze me sometimes. We’ve had a substitute bus driver for the last several days and she’s not the prettiest woman. She also has a tendency to push on the gas and then let the bus roll almost to a stop before she’ll push the accelerator again. These facts make her a prime target for the shit my classmates like to pull. They’re constantly shouting rude comments from the back of the bus about how she sometimes forgets to take the bus out of reverse when she’s trying to drive. Today she was going to pick up a kid who had waved at someone on the other side of the bus and since he didn’t get on when she stopped for him everyone on the bus started yelling at her. Later when we got to the first stop some of the rudest kids said “nice teeth” as they got off. Really, we’re in high school and your back to saying rude comments in hushed tones as you walk by? She was affected by it clearly because she covered up her teeth until we we’re well down the road (all her front teeth stick out much like a llamas). It was really annoying because she could’ve kicked those kids off the bus, or at least suspended them from using it for a few days but she did nothing. She let them get away with being assholes even though they’re still young enough to learn a lesson. I’m really tired of people nowadays. I hope that once I’m older people will have figured out how to be decent. I don’t know how much more of this idiocy I can take.