Maybe I shouldn’t have told my friend what my other friend had said about her. It would’ve delayed the fight today. Last Friday I was going to hang out with my friends (all of whom were going to do drugs) and because they were all drunk and stoned some of them did some regrettable things. Because I wasn’t at school on time yesterday I didn’t find any of this out. Here’s what I know, F slept with AR while they were drunk/high and now F thinks she’s pregnant. MA gave AX a hand job and someone took a picture of it while they were drunk/high. F was already upset about making out with AR’s hand two weeks ago when they were drunk/high so I don’t know why she would want to go through all that stress again if she was really embarrassed and regretful about just kissing his hand. Today F came to school looking very sick and she almost burst into tears several times during class. I think AR found out today that F thought she was pregnant so he was a little stressed looking also. Then during lunch MA was pissed because she thought that MH was spreading stuff about F and herself. So I went over and talked to MH to see if she was spreading rumors about the whole issue. She told me she wasn’t but then also started bad mouthing MA to me. I didn’t say anything about that while I was talking to her but I did go back and tell MA what MH had been saying. MA was ready to fight MH before I had even gone to talk to her so I really didn’t cause any drama between them. Should I have done the “good friend” thing and told MA what MH had been saying about her? I ask this because all of these people are in fourth period with me and MA would’ve come to blows with MH had my history teacher (who I despise) stepped in. MH is mad at me for telling MA about what she said, which was kind of stupid on her part for even telling me that stuff because she saw me walk over from MA’s group. They had to be taken to the office individually and two students had to help hold them back from killing each other. It was a little funny at first but then it got loud and serious so everyone in class turned all at once to look. It was an exciting afternoon to say the least.