It has finally happened; my sister has used the word. I hate the “N” word; it’s rude and defiles people. It should vanish from the English language except in the text books. I also hate how white people think it’s ok to use it. Its one thing if African Americans use the word because then it’s a way of saying that the word is unimportant and that they are better than it. But when a Caucasian person say’s it, no matter the context, it is offensive and upsetting. My sister has caught onto to the ever-growing trend of people using this word as a cool thing. The “N” word is not cool, it is derogatory and offensive. I feel this way about other racist terms. How is it that we as a species decided that everyone else is not a good as us? It seems that everywhere that cultures collide there has been discrimination. There are some places that seem to be learning but at the same time as a species I do not feel that we are learning fast enough. I say we all vow to change our thoughts about people of other ethnic descent, religions, sex, sexuality etc. Can we all come to an agreement on that? Yes? Thank you, all that hate in the world was giving me an ulcer.