Though school was… well school, I came home and found the refuge that it sometimes provides. I lay down on the floor (as has recently become my practice) and just soaked in the silence. My dogs behaved as they always do, run around until I finally sit in my chair (A place I have sat almost everyday for the past 4 years). Honestly if I’m home and I’m not sleeping then I’m in this rocking chair. Thanks to my laptop I never need to go to my room to get online. Anyway after I had the dogs watered and calm, I tried to take a nap in the hope that I could regenerate what little will power I seem to have left. This was to no avail and I finally signed onto here. Instead of immediately starting a new whiny post I decided to check the Readomattic. The first thing on the list was this post which greatly improved my mood. I haven’t thought about Reiki in so long I had forgotten about what a wonderful mood it puts you in. Though I didn’t get to meditate yet, just the small reminder of the happiness that awaits me should I chose to sit and go through the small bit I know, is a blissful thought. But then happiness cannot last forever, as my sister seems only too ready to remind me.