My meeting went almost productively today with my new councilor. She talked a lot about finding me the right program which none of my other councilors have bothered to mention. They’re just trying to keep me in their school so that they have a good student for their test scores. But this new councilor doesn’t care about that, she’s going to try and help me. You know the song that goes “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.”? It was stuck in my head all day today. My math teacher, who is one of my favorites, was fun today. We took a little test, which I’m sure I aced, and then she gave us homework. We had extended lunch today and I walked the two blocks to Starbucks to get a coffee during that hour. It was such a waste of an hour I can’t even explain. I was back to school in less than 20 minutes and had nothing to do but watch people run around on bouncy houses. My fourth period was a waste; he had us watch a video but at then just gave us the answers to the whole video. I just sat there and texted the whole time. I can’t wait to leave; it’ll be so exciting on my last day! We’ve got to call some people though and then after we’ve explored all the possibility’s we can go back to my councilor and decide from there. At least I’m on my way out of there; I can survive for a week or two knowing that.