I feel awful for not posting yesterday. I wanted to keep a long running journal with at least one post a day. Oh well, I know your all very upset that you missed out on my whining for a day. Yesterday morning I had to go and meet with my teacher, mom and councilor, to discuss my being kicked out of class. It was really stupid, he walked in apologizing for his rude email and then he tried to blame me for the whole situation while at the same time saying I was a good student. Then he kept making up lame excuses for everything that happened, which my mom called him on by totally shooting down everything he was spewing out. The whole time he kept trying to talk over my mom, which you do not do when she’s pissed, and if I had been a little less nervous I probably would have started laughing. The meeting was a waste and all that we did was “press the reset button”. School today was almost enjoyable today, though not enough to persuade me to stay. I’ve found what appears to be a good online school (http://www.kaplanonlineschools.com/academy/washington/) and am hoping to be enrolled soon. I’ve got to meet tomorrow morning with my councilor so that we can decide whether or not I should really leave school (which I should). All I’ve been thinking about the last few days has been my being able to sleep in and do maybe 8 hours of school a day. I can stay on one subject for as long as I want and on others as little as I want. I can advance through courses faster, and even take summer school to get things done way faster. I can stay in bed, nice and warm, and learn how to write a college level essay. Oh and no stupid teachers to deal with, I can just teach myself without have to go through lengthy useless group projects. Ah a wonderful thought. On this happy note I’m off to do my homework, which never seems to be finished.