My thoughts flow so freely when I’m trying to come up new things to write about. That is, they flow freely until I actually sit down to write them. As soon as my fingers touch the keys every good thought, funny joke, and witty comment I had spent the day creating is gone and I’m left with nothing. So what am I to do? I’m NOT going to complain right now because I need a change of pace. I have decided to draw my way through school. This means that every free moment I have during class (which is A LOT) I am to draw a picture of the mood I’m in. I had started doing this slightly unconsciously in my LA class and it kind of helped.

1st period (8:15): I drew an umbrella with a straight-faced sun over head. A four eyed alien with four legs and laughing face with a voce bubble. The voice bubble is an eye and in the pupil of that is the word “la!” See if you can figure that one out.

2nd period (8:22): I drew the loud mouth girl who sits next to me and myself beside her plugging my ears. I drew Raven from Teen Titans (lamo lame I know) and a fairy sitting on a single-leafed vine. I drew a drooping flower with roots. Also a school with a sign saying “learning” but there is a large red circle with a slash through it around the word.

3rd period (9:25): I drew a picture of a person sweating and while they are reading a book and the caption ‘learning’ above it. (I only learn in my first and third periods)

4th period (11:24): I drew a sad face with the caption ‘not learning’ above it and then I drew an angry face.

After that I didn’t bother to draw anything else because I didn’t have time to get around to it.

I tried to meditate during my second period but that’s hard to do when your teacher is singing like a crazy person and the girl sitting next to you is just as bad. (We learned the alphabet in Spanish today). I’ll try to keep up with the drawing thing because it really helped.