My family has an illness. That illness is one of collection. In plain English we like to hoard things. My aunt’s garage is so full of stuff that they don’t park their cars in it. And it’s a 1 and a half story two car garage so I’m not just being dramatic. We went to my grandpa’s today, to look through some of my great grandmothers old things. She died years ago, if I remember correctly it was a year before I was born, no that’s not right… well it’s not important. I must say there were some very interesting things. I’ve taken home several tiny figurines, which will be right at home in my plants. I also got some amazing little keys, the old brass ones that are held together on a ring. Other items on the list include a plate, an odd pot like object, a mustard container, and a cute little honey pot. My aunts and mother got more than that of course, and they all made such a big deal about it. The aunt who lives closest to me tried to smuggle away several things but then complained that “some people get more then others” probably referring to my mom or her elder sister. My mom also got irritated quickly when they were picking which items they wanted. She would just get a rude tone that wasn’t really necessary. Ok serious random side note here but I feel I must point it out, don’t ask me why. Sam has finally figured out, after what a two weeks now? That Kira is in heat and would like some…companionship. How ever he can’t reach her… so… *cough* yea. Buttercup doesn’t know what’s going on, she just see’s that there’s activity and wants to play. Hahahaha now she’s trying to play with Sam, who will probably take that as encouragement to… become her companion (?) also. *shakes head* my house is so weird.