There wasn’t too much that went wrong today. I went to all my classes and that was a drag because again I felt as if I learned nothing. I had to do a Spanish test in front of the whole class which I messed up on big time but I don’t really care so oh well on the way to language arts however, the guy who smiled when he asked me the time yesterday, shoved one of my/his friends into me which slammed me into the wall. I don’t know that it was just an accident that he did that though because as soon as I was walking again he shoved her back onto me. And he’s a 6’4 muscled football player so it wasn’t just a little push. OH MY GOD! One of my sister’s asswhole friends just dropped my baby onto the couch! She’s a little puppy, you don’t drop her!! I don’t care that it was on the couch, I’m ready to kick his ass. You don’t mess with one of my pets, especially not the baby and especially when I don’t like you as it is. Grr this kid is coming this close to loosing an arm. He’s already stupid enough when he’s over here but then he has to go and act stupid and make me despise him even more. Ok I’m done with this, I need to be ready to jump up and kick his butt if he even looks at Buttercup.