Today was very surprising for me. I got to school and found out that I had a ton of homework to make up, which really pissed me off. The whole week had been a complete wash and then when I decide to take one day away from school they cram all of the work of the week into that day. Grrr, it’s not fair. But I did have fun all day which is really rare. At one point I was almost in tears from laughing so hard. Then a foot ball player in my class who is a total jerk to me when he’s around his friends actually smiled at me while asking the time. I about had a heart attack. I mean no guys talk to me, and I don’t really want to talk to them either so we’re happy. But I almost held a conversation with him which was so weird! Oh and then a guy in 2’nd was laughing with me to! And he’s a ghetto gangster type (not being racists there, that’s really who he is) so it was odd that he wasn’t glaring at me the whole time. Plus in 6th a guy asked me what I’d done all day in a way that wasn’t rude at all! He’s usually nice and inclusive though so it’s not so out of character for him. But I hadn’t realized how good my day had been; see there is something good that comes from blogging hahaha.