It’s such a waste of time being in this school. I had nothing to do all day and I mean that literally. My teacher is in the other room with half the class and has given the rest of us nothing to do. Everyone’s just sitting in here talking. Oh well, gives me time to write this. *random* I can’t wait until I get my bee’s. I love honeybees, and am likely going to get some next year. *end random* I’m so ready for my life to get better. I’m just so tired of all of it. Probably as tired as you are of reading about it. Complaining all the time is obnoxious and rude. No one wants to read about my pathetic little life. Grr why is no one listening to me even now (in class). I’m trying to be social even though I want to be alone right now. Just let me leave so I don’t have to stay in this waste-of time-school. How is it we can afford to put in a new football field but we can’t afford text books for all the classes? I’m not understanding why it is I have to carry a 40 pound backpack full of text books back and forth from school everyday just because they wanted to put new gravel down on the track and pave part of it. The track was fine before and now you’ve got to spray a bunch of pesticides to keep it clean. Ok I’ve got to go because we’re going to go to the Pink concert and I’ve got home work to do (which I didn’t need to go to school to get today) and I need to water all my orchids. Have fun with the rest of your day!