Today, for whatever reason, I had way too much free time during school. I can usually do two things at once during class anyway so when I was left with about two hours total of free time. My teachers left me with nothing to do and when I was doing something I wasn’t actually learning. That’s not true, for about 40 minutes in first period I learned something. I had so much extra time on my hands that I could have learned a second language. That is, I could have learned a second language if I actually learned from my Spanish teacher. She’s jumping right into conversations and all these difficult things when I don’t even know the basics. I would like to be taught a second language from the beginning, like a child would learn it. That way I would know everything about what I was saying instead of just memorizing phrases. This is not the case however and I will probably be resentful of it until I’m out of school. I got home and once the dogs had done their business I passed out on the couch. I was just so tired; so I managed to fall asleep with the little ones snuggled up at my feet. Then my mom came home and took us to look at a house, which was really nice except that the surrounding 5 houses could look right into the house. Which is a shame because I was huge and had a large enough yard that I could get bees. Ok I just needed to post; I’m going to bed now.