There are something’s I had forgotten while I was away from my dad’s house.

I had forgotten how old my grandparents were.

I had forgotten how peaceful my dad’s yard can be.

I had forgotten how much I missed my cat.

I had forgotten how stupid my dad really is.

I had forgotten how much I despise my father.

I had forgotten how much fun my sister and I really can have when we’re forced together.


Why I had forgotten these things.

My grandparents are always so full of life you stop noticing they’re 82.

I hate being at my dad’s house so being there is nerve racking.

I haven’t seen my cat in over a month and I have five other animals to care for at home.

I haven’t seen or talked to my dad in over a month so I had thought for what ever reason he had gotten smarter.

My dad is an absolute jackass and thought he could get away with threatening us today. He took our meals out from under us because he had asked us to feed the cat and we didn’t jump and do it. He also made us pick up the yard and because we didn’t do it in record time he was going to try and keep us from going to meet our mom so she could take us home.

My sister and I never talk anymore, but once we were forced to talk only to each other we were laughing our butts off.

 I won’t be visiting my dad’s again for a very long time.