It was so hot at the fair, like 90 degree weather. Of course I wore a jacket too, because I always wear a jacket and so I was way too hot. We walked around the whole fair and all we did was get a milkshake. That was for what an hour, maybe two? I’m not sure but once we were finally out we still needed to get some fleishkuechle’s (pronounced flesh-keg-le) so we walked over to the stand. My dad recognized an old friend there and talked to him while my sister and I chatted in the shade a few feet away. Eventually his friend asked about us and said “so which one is your daughter?” I really wanted to turn and say “Um dumbass I’m a guy, I’ve got sideburns, I’m flat chested and I don’t even look like a girl.” But of course I didn’t because I’m nice like that and so my dad had to explain that I was a GUY and that I was his son. Other than that it was a good day. I’m sitting here eating another fleishkuechle because my dad got three for each of us hahaha. When he ordered he told the lady that his name was “Now” so that when our order was ready she had to say “Your order is ready Now. Now, your order is ready” It was really lame so as soon as we had our order my sister and I walked away as fast as we could. That’s just my dad for ya.