Today started out very peacefully for me. I woke up and walked out into the living room to sit in my normal place. My cat Dusty, whom I love, sat down on my lap and started purring. She got a scratch on her neck while I was away and I guess it’s a serious one because my dad had to take her to the vet and he has to give her medication every morning and evening. So I did a little meditation while she was on my lap, and tried to do a bit of healing. I hope it helped because she’s the oldest pet I’ve ever had, and the only one that you can talk to and know that she knows what your saying hahaha. I’m not joking about that either, she’ll talk to you if she wants something or if you say hello to her. “So any how…” (My grandma always says that) I felt blissful this morning, and the vet has just called to check in on Dusty. We’re going to go to the fair later today, and pig out on fleiskegual (I’ll spell check that later once I buy one). They are these delicious pieces of meat dipped in batter and fried and they taste amazing. After that we’ll get some scones, then an elephant ear and then a delicious ice-cream cone. They milk the cows in the room next to you, it’s kind of cool. I do actually like the fair, much as I hate large crowds and the noise of people. After we’ve eaten all that we’ll probably get a burger from a place I can’t remember but they’re also amazing. I think most all fair food is good hahaha. Ok I’m off to get ready for the day, have a good one!