This guy in my science class is seriously starting to creep me out. Last year I had a similar problem except it was with a jock and it was little more painful. Last year a guy would run his fingers through my hair (which went down past my shoulders at the time) except he would grab my hair as his hands went through so that he would be pulling me down. I never bothered to report it because… well I actually don’t really have a good reason. But anyway this year I have to sit next to this guy in science who is acting really annoying in a gross way. We had to do a lab yesterday which involved candles and turning out the lights. Once the lights were out he put his arm around me and said “this is our night” which creeped me out. I hoped it was a one time weird joke thing but today he started to touch my side and when I shied away he just laughed. Then at the end of the class my friend said something which I don’t recall and then he said something along the lines of him being my boyfriend. First of all he’s straight as far as I know. Second of all that isn’t how you come onto someone. Third of all I’ve already had a bad experience with guys and that sort of behavior so that’s really not a good thing to do. I’m seriously creeped out by this guy but I am tired of having all these problems and having to move around so much to get away from them. Why is it so hard to just go to school and learn without disruption? I’m debating whether or not I should go live with my grandfather and go to a school which only has about 7 students in a classroom. Plus I don’t really want to cause any drama with another guy, especially when I can’t tell if he’s joking or not. I don’t know how these kinds of people manage to find me. Do I have a sign on my forehead that says “please harass me?” or perhaps “take your issues out on this person” is more appropriate.