OK my dog has gone a little too far. She loves to go at it with her bone, the large one that is bigger than she is. A few minutes ago she was getting a little too feisty and actually made the bones squeaker squeak. So I’m asking you all for donations (not literally) so we can get her fixed. My mom’s had to make too many payments these past two weeks (my braces, my sister’s retainer, school bills for both of us, school supplies for both of us, fixing a broken pipe under the sink, and buying the new puppy; not to mention rent and food) so she doesn’t have the money to get Kira fixed. I honestly don’t know how she paid for everything, where would she have gotten all that money? Especially since we don’t actually save anything during months that don’t include such extreme payments, meaning that we some how manage to spend almost every dime my mom has. So I’d like to end this with a “Yay for super parents, who manage to make the impossible possible.”