Finally my school did something right. My mom made one call to them and they immediately called back saying I should go into to see the councilor. I walk in and changed every class except my sixth period hahaha. They were going to try and keep me in one of my classes with a teacher who seriously cannot teach and I said to the councilor “No, I had to meet with the vice principle, the assistant principle, my teacher and my mom last year to try and convey what that teacher needed to do to help me learn and after that meeting nothing changed. So I would really like to get out of that class”

“Ok I’ll just need to go ask the principal about it.” She came back in about two minutes and changed that class too, hahaha. They’re probably as tired as I am of having to fix all of their problems. Oh and then I almost lost my text book which would have cost me $60 to replace even though it wasn’t worth half that because it was so torn up. *side note* can I just say that black people with blue eyes are amazingly gorgeous? There’s a guy in my 6’Th period who has blue eyes and he could be a model I swear. His lips are as pink as bubble gum and it’s an even pink too. He plays football so he definitely has the body… okay, end of side note haha. Sorry I didn’t post anything this mourning, I had to rewrite one essay and didn’t’ even have time for the other; which I did during lunch. I miss the break we used to have last year; they gave us 15 minutes in between 2nd and 3rd during which I used to finish my homework and organize things for the rest of the day. Now I’ve got no time to do anything, which I could really use because with my schedule being so hectic. Oh and the pipe that had broken underneath our sink, the one that was filling up all the insulation with water, was fixed today…. There was some other piece of good news but I can’t remember it. I’ll post it later if I do.

Oh here’s another funny picture of Buttercup, she turned the TV on right after the picture was taken lol.