As you know today was my first day of school. Can you guess who was in my classes? The asshole football player who was part of the problem last year is in my 1’st, 4’Th and 5’th. The guy who threatened to rape me is in my 4’Th and 5’Th also. And they are both class clowns and manage to make the most noise, disrupting the whole class with idiodic jokes and stupid questions. Can I fully express to you how much I HATE THIS SCHOOL? Thankfully the principal remembered the trouble I had last year and I will have my entire schedule changed tomorrow. I just have to go in, say what I want, and they will make it happen. That or my moms going to come in and kick everyone’s ass, sue about a dozen people, and probably light the building on fire haha. I was planning on going to private school but, after investigating the price ($2,500 a month) I am forced to attend public school.  I’m really tired of dealing with all this shit; I feel like asking to be homeschooled. How is it people like them can exist in the world? They are so horrible to some but even more love them. Oh and today in first period we were doing an exercise which was supposed to help us learn about our classmates and the asshole (whom I will now be referring to as Ass) was very conceded in his assessment of himself. We were asked to write down something we were good at and Ass immediately shouted out football and then carried on into about how much he loved his body. “I have some nice big arms, and I love my thighs.” Gag me. He was shouting about this during class, the teacher was fully aware of what was going on, she was evening talking to him during one of the 7 part saga about how amazing and funny Ass is. I really would love to get out of this school.

To find out about the rape thing see here.

And because we need some good after all this here’s a picture of Buttercup who fell asleep like this while laying next to my mom.