This is my very first day of school and my mom was prepared for it. She brought in Buttercup who, upon seeing you after being asleep or having been gone for a while, will lick you profusely. How in the world can you turn down an adorable puppy? Especially when she’s all over you and you’re trapped beneath your covers because two other dogs are trying to see you also. My mom’s a sneaky one, using dogs to get me out of bed… Thankfully though I’ve got a lot of extra time so I can write this message. I was up until 12:13 last night getting my summer homework done, it was an essay which took minutes to write but finishing the book took forever. Now I’m waiting for the bus and am very ready for school to be done with. “I’ve got to get up at this time for 9 months?” This year isn’t going to be pretty, not to mention the fact that no sooner have I written that that it starts pouring rain. Don’t you love Washington?