I’m very much so not in a good mood right now. One of my sister’s loud friends is visiting at the moment and I was just settling into my book, which I haven’t touched all day. I have also just been informed that the previously mentioned friend will be joining us to pick up the puppy tomorrow which is VERY agitating. Not only will she be taking my seat in the back with the new puppy she’ll be shrieking her head off with my sister, who will probably be too distracted with her friend to care about the puppy. I’m practically snarling I’m so furious. How dare my mother give away my rightful seat, especially since I will be the one attending to this dog? My sister only pets the dogs we have now when I thrust her hands upon them! How dare they conspire against my not-yet-founded relationship with this new member of the family? I would love nothing more than to put her friend, whom is very agitating in her own right, out on the street for her father to fetch her. My sister I can handle on her own but once her friends become involved there’s no quieting their obnoxious rampaging. And I’m a creature who enjoys being alone, with no noise other than my dogs.  Well I feel slightly better after screaming this out in my head. But don’t you all agree that I should get to sit in the back and experience the first few moments of making the puppy part of our family, and not sit in the front while my sister lets those moments slip by unnoticed while she goofs around with her friend?