I’ve noticed that on the days that I write something that holds real emotion and is very personal I get more views. Except I can’t keep up that kind of emotion for weeks on end because it would crush me. My greatest strength is being able to laugh what ever is bothering me off and then move on with my life, never bringing up that troublesome thought. I can’t hold onto those things, (well actually I bottle them up I guess…), I’ve had too much (pardon the swearing) shit in my life. Between an abusive father during my childhood and all the ass whole children who picked on me throughout life, I’ve got to act like none of it happens or I’ll be crushed by my own grief. Ok, ok “woe are you, boo who your life is soo hard” you might be saying. But you know what? I know that people have it worse than me; I know that some kids don’t even have a home let alone a caring parent and food. The truth is though, that’s not my life, and I should be grateful for that and I am, but I still would love to be truly happy. Doesn’t everyone want that? The happily ever after that will NEVER happen. Ah well I guess I’ll just have to continue posting the useless fluff that changes no one’s life and sends no beautiful messages out into the fiber optic world that is the internet.