My sister is home today *gets out calendar and marks it down*. She’s been gone pretty much all week so now that she’s home I’ve got to try and keep the dogs quite because she’s asleep and will be until noon. Which leaves me plenty of time to blog about her :). So last night I went in to her room to talk about what we were going to name our new puppy because we still haven’t decided and we’re getting her on the first! The conversation stays about her name for a few minutes but then it shifts into why the dog should be hers and then into why she doesn’t like the dogs she already has. We talked for an hour and a half about why she doesn’t like to be home or bother to have a relationship with her family and why she’s too concerned with what other people think and trying to impress my dad’s side of the family who we don’t see but once a month. I seem to have this gift of being able to say things on the spot that sound really good, so I was saying stuff I had only thought about once before that have probably changed my sisters view of the world for the better and I barely had to think about it. (Is that a good or bad thing?) I have no idea what’s in store for the day, I’ll probably just sit around and look like I always do when I’m home, like a bum. I might gain some headway with my book which I’m not even half way done with that needs to be finished by the third, accompanied with a finished essay!