I’ve been meaning to take my dogs walking for a while because all we do is sit around all day, so today I actually got up and did it. It takes about 15min to get the dogs ready though because my littlest one is a hyper freak when you even mention going out doors. So you have to pin her down and get her harness the right way but by then she’s flipped over and shoved herself into your face so you’ve got to turn her harness the other way. That plays out for about five minutes and no matter how much you shout she doesn’t sit still. But that’s only the harness; you’ve still got to get the leash through TWO of the clasps which connect her harness. That takes another 3 minutes because she will role over an flop around if you hold onto her for too long (yes she’s a total spaz). Once that’s done you’ve got to get the choke collar on my biggest dog who’s all calm and fine but you’ve got to deal with the little one jumping clear into the middle of things because you haven’t put the big dog’s collar on yet. “Yay every one ready to go?” We’re finally outside on our way down the street, I’ve got my iPod on and going and everything is fine. Except that both the dogs are pulling me and the littlest one is just about jumping out of her skin to be 10 miles down the road. Whatever, that’s normal, who cares we’re at least getting some exercise and fresh air. We’re half way through our walk when a white pickup (the license plate I didn’t bother to check of course, because that would only be the smart thing to do) slows down behind me then speeds up and stops, scratch that slams into a parked position on the other side of the road maybe fifty feet away. “Ok whatever the person must really need to write some one a birthday card or something”. But then I remember talking to my cousin the night before about how some guy in a truck very much matching the description of what I was looking at had stopped and asked her if her family wanted seafood (crazy much?). I calmly stopped the dogs, and thankfully one of them peed and then I turned around and walked home with no trouble from the truck. So some creep cut my nice walk in half today, and I’ll probably be walking again tomorrow. XP ain’t life grand?