Why did I have to be born a boy? Everyone expects boys to be messy and smelly and for some reason if you are its ok because you’re a guy. Oh you just sit around all a day? It’s normal you’re a boy. Oh you can finish a meal for two all by yourself? It’s ok you’re a boy. Wait you can color coordinate and you watch Will and Grace? That’s not ok you’re a boy. You like to read and talk to people instead of watch football and make a mess? That’s not ok you’re a boy. You don’t have a clue about cars but you know what shoes that girl is wearing? That’s not ok you’re a boy. You like plants and you have a poster of butterflies on your wall? (Say it with me) that’s not ok you’re a BOY. Yes so you see my dilemma? The entire world is telling me everything I do is wrong. And you know what? I kind of agree with them. I should have just been born a girl; it would have made my life soo much easier. I wouldn’t hate leaving the house for fear of being ridiculed because I walk like I’m on a catwalk. I wouldn’t hate going to school for fear of being attacked while walking down a particular hallway (and yes I do try to go out of my way to stay out of that hall). I wouldn’t get calls from unknown numbers at midnight whose callers threaten me with acts of violence and harass me because of how I act. You know what I have to say about being a boy? It sucks.