I’m just sitting here, watching Bewitched, and wondering what to do with my day. John is still here and will be here all day, so I’m stuck having an extra person in my house. Now I’m not a social person, especially when your 30 years older than me and I’m at home. I did manage to sleep in to the marvelous hour of 10 today though. I was trying to give him some quite time because when I get up the dogs are really rambunctious for about half an hour. Plus as soon as I was out of the shower he went and got on the computer so I think he was glad I wasn’t up earlier. Oh did I mention that no one knows that I blog? So when people see me on the computer they think I’m playing games (which I try to make it look like I’m doing) and they think I’m a bum hahahaha. My sister ditched me again (big surprise there) and has spent the last two days with friends. What am I to do?