Why do guys feel the need to “adjust” themselves every other second? I know that it isn’t necessary to get through the day, so what’s the obsession? Can anyone explain? Things don’t move around that much down there, and even if they do they don’t move that much that one needs to touch it every five minutes. Once I actually counted how many times my cousin did it in the seven minutes it takes to get to school. If I remember correctly I got up to 8 before my attention span snapped and I drifted of to la la land. I hardly ever adjust myself, even when I’m in private; it just isn’t a necessary thing. Isn’t anyone embarrassed by this? Does no one care that guys are feeling themselves up in public? (Lol) I honestly don’t see what’s so fantastic about moving your unmentionables around in public, I mean unless it’s an emergency and things need to be moved to avoid embarrassment that’s different. But otherwise…? Sorry I just needed to rant about it because I seem to notice it a lot.