Today I had orientation from 10 to 11. As you are all aware I had my hair cut recently and I was expecting a bit more shock and awe once people found out. I received a few compliments but it wasn’t what I had envisioned. I was expecting all my friends to stop and stare and then slowly gravitate towards me, all with mouths agape, and then to all at once start screaming about how much they loved my new look. Ah well one can dream can they not? I absolutely hate my schedule! My least favorite teacher from last year is going to be teaching me science again this year. Thanks to her I spent half the year toiling away achieving a D in her class because she can’t teach. Amazingly though I pulled a B out of no where by the end of the year and barely saved my GPA. Needless to say we will be transferring me out of that class as soon as possible. You might not know but last year I experienced quite a dreadful time in this school, and with things the way they are already I’m sure that they won’t be any better. My mom and I are seriously considering changing schools for me. I’ll be posting very cute puppy pictures later today, if I can figure out how to put the pictures up ;).