Have any of you seen the new commercial for Cheerios? It’s really inappropriate I think. It starts out with a younger boy waking up in the morning, and then some weird cartoon wrestler guy pops up and tries to get him back to sleep. That lasts for a few seconds until the kid realizes there’s cheerios waiting for him if he gets up. At this point the wrestler is trying to get him back into bed, and even grabs him and is pulling him back. He even starts shouting “no get back in the bed” while wrapping the blankets around him. Does no one see this as inappropriate? A grown man pulling a little boy back into bed…? Maybe my mind is just in the gutter but if you see it you’d probably understand. Anyway that about the extent of my day right there hahaha. I’ll be going to look at my newest puppy tonight (we’re getting it the third). I’ll post about that for sure, later.