As I’m sure your all aware I’m not a fan of taking orders. My mother, however, is not. My sister had spent the night at a friends house and hadn’t called or texted my mom all day so my mom wanted to contact her to check in and all that stuff. My mom asked me if I had heard from my sister and since I said no she said “well then would you please contact her because I would like to have a word with her.” This was kind of annoying because she said it more like an order then something she would say as a request.

So here are the exact words I had meant to text to my sister “I’m mother’s assistant apparently. I have Ms. Batel on the phone for you.” Luckily I hadn’t put any swear words in before I accidentally clicked send because my phone likes to be slow sometimes so if you click send too many times it will send the message to who ever you sent your last message to. The last person I texted was my mom, and my phone has no cancel button so once you click send there’s no turning back. My mom read the text and made me go mow the lawn. FML lol