Ok so you all know that mine family is a physic one yes? If you don’t then you have just been formally informed…(?) Anyways, you might also know that we’ve been in search of a house. My mom did a meditation a while ago, during which she asked (the universe) for a house. That done she received an image of a house. Maybe a week later we were driving around looking for houses on the market as usual when we turned down a dead end loop around thing. We turn the corner and my mom stops the car in the middle of the road and says, in shock, “That’s my house”. I look up at the house, without contempt, and reply “From your meditation?” Yes was her response and since it wasn’t for sale we simply kept driving. That was maybe a month ago, probably longer. My mom wanted to go and check on it again and when we finally found it, there was a For Rent sign on it. My mom about had a heart attack. Needless to say we’ve called our real estate agent and the number on the home. I’m pretty sure my moms going to buy this house whether the owners like it or not hahaha. There was an old man mowing the lawn when we drove buy so I’m sure we could take the owners if need be 😉