This is going to probably be the hardest thing I’ve had to do all summer. Absolutely no food all day, no pop, no juice, only water. I’ve made many attempts at this during the year, all failing terribly. Food is just such a wonderful thing I don’t know how people go all day without it! I’ve been up what 2 hours yet and already I’ve almost broken down about a dozen times. I’m going to have to rely on all of you to get through this today hahahaha. That and the comedy act that is my dog; she’s going at her bone again. We’re going to need to spay her soon because I’d rather she didn’t teach those kinds of things to our next puppy. Anyway back to the topic, I’ll be avoiding the food network and will change the channel immediately if a food commercial comes on. That said about four have come on in the past ten minutes. Today is going to be so interesting. I’ve got an appetite ruining horny dog (she’s been humping her toy for like 15 minutes now, she absolutely will not leave it alone; whether I deter her or not) and I’m practically starving. Alright I’m taking her bone, this is too much. She’s getting really mad at me for it hahahaha. Ok so do any of you know how to distract hunger, without eating, mind?