Today I didn’t do anything. I woke up like normal and went to look at a house which was decent but it was way overpriced. Once we got home my mom made a few calls about a house we were going to put an offer on then made my sister and I some tuna sandwiches for lunch, which my sister and I were helping (kind of) to make. During the construction of said sandwiches our littlest dog, Kira, was trying to get in the kitchen. I wasn’t doing anything at the moment so I got her out of the kitchen and told her to stay back. Now can any of you guess what’s going to happen next? … You guessed correctly, my mother stared ridiculing me. I wasn’t reprimanding the dog correctly, I needed to say things this way not that way blah blah blah. I had just started to try and defend myself when my sister felt the need to join in and started mocking the way I had told Kira to stay out. WTF. Why is it that people feel the need to put me down all the time? I mean I know I’m so awesome that people are jealous of me constantly, but really why is that an acceptable way to treat people? Especially when it’s my family doing it. I can’t wait till I move out and don’t have to see these people everyday.