Not only is my five inch dog afraid of any type of black holes or new people but she also would love to have puppies with one of her toys. The toy in question is stuffed toy bone that is two feet long clearly much larger than she is. Lately she has been more and more… interested in this toy. Just now she was going at it and when I yelled at her to nock it off she sat a few inches away from it and started whining. I turned to my mother and was like “I don’t know what she expects to happen.”

“Really hunny? Didn’t you take a class on this in school?” she replied looking at my with a half smirk on her face.

Yes you read that correctly, my dog is in love with a bone. She got really mad at the bone for not moving and started throwing it around and whining at it. My poor puppy, she’ll never know true love.