My sister is treated like royalty whenever she graces us with her presence and watches TV with my mother and me. If she gets up to leave us and go to her room it is automatically my fault and I become the worst child ever imagined blah blah blah. Like really mom you’re going to get mad at me because she doesn’t like Will and Grace? I really will not watch South Park just because my sister likes it and will only stay and visit with us if she can watch it. Oh my gosh, when will my sister finally fall from grace and become a normal person that I won’t be compared to? What’s that? Never you say? Of course, I should have known I would always be second best. Why is it my mom treats her with such revere? Whenever my sister is in the car with us she just plugs in her Ipod and ignores us. I’m not lying I have to text her if I want to tell her something. She is constantly getting in trouble for staying up too late texting and being on myspace. And yet my mother lets her leave the house whenever she wants, going wherever she sees fit. But I’m the bad child who should be blamed for all my sisters’ unhappiness. Yes, why didn’t I realize this sooner?