My dogs have figured out that they can corner one of our cats for fun. Our big dog Sam will stand at the edge of our kitchen and the little one, Kira, will go in after the cat to spook her out so Sam can chase her to. Once Kira’s got her out of the kitchen they’ll chase her for as long as they can until she’s jump up out of reach. Today though Sam just barely got a hold of her and pulled out some of her fur, so I had to step in and save my cat. I grabbed the little one, because she’s harder to intimidate when she’s running away from you, and yelled “You be nice! You be nice to that kitty!” at the both of them. After I said it I almost started laughing, and luckily I was home alone so no one heard me. Thankfully they stopped chasing the cat long enough for her to get away, saving me from shouting foolish things around my house again. 😉 Aren’t you all so glad you know me?