I’ve just gotten my hair cut. My hair has been down past my shoulders for about two years now. I cut it to just under my ears. I fought with my dad my whole life to have my hair the length it was. I was light headed and nauseous as my hairdresser cut it all off. I fought so hard to have my hair that length and then I just lost it all. Now don’t get me wrong I like how my hair looks now, even though all I need is some lipstick and some heels and I could get any guy I wanted. I’m not kidding, if you look only at my head I look like a girl. Anyway I do like my hair, I’m just sad that all my hair is gone. I’m going to go and get this haircut http://hairstylesdesign.com/gallery/photos/medium_men_hairstyles_606_1003.jpg

(because it definitely looks better than mine). I couldn’t really explain this image to my hairdresser so I’m going back soon to get this. Don’t you all love it?

Oh PS: I did volentarily ask to get my hair cut. I surprised everyone by doing it. My mom didn’t know what was going on until half my head of hair was on the ground. (She was busy buying us a house). Oh which we can no longer afford by the way, our lender messed up a little and now we aren’t approved for that priced house anymore.