I live next to the woods, a greenbelt actually. It’s very nice because we get a lot of wildlife in our yard and the way my house is positioned we can look out our window and have a beautiful view. Today however things are a little strange. The birds are all acting weird and there are some new calls I haven’t heard before. There was a raven here this morning and now I’m hearing what sounds like a monkey calling from down by the river. The ones that produce that loud booming call and inflate their throats to do so. My dogs have been on edge all day (while they aren’t sleeping) and there have been some very strange dog-like noises also coming from the woods. Needless to say I have locked my door. It’s a nice sunny day so I have no idea what is going on, the animals shouldn’t be acting weird. Oh and also there are no birds at the feeder right now. There are always birds at the feeder; we have to refill it every other day because they eat so much. Anyways I’m a little freaked out and would love to hear your opinions on what to do, I’m the only one home right now so human contact would be appreciated 🙂