Sorry it’s taken so long to post to you all. I’ve had the absolute worst week ever, even worse then the last. I was threatened with rape by one of our football players (it was supposedly a joke) and another football player has been harassing me because of my sexuality. Both of these issues were unacceptable so I’ve had a rough week trying to get my schedule changed. The rape threat wasn’t taken too literal and so he got off with a warning, the next offense resulting in a ten day expulsion and his removal from all sports. The fellow who was harassing me got off with a warning as well, his next offense resulting in the same treatment. Isn’t my life just a ball of fun? Anyway I’m feeling much better having just found out that I’ve got all of the classes I wanted. P.E is the class this was taking place in and I have them both in it. Of course you all know that physical education is mandatory so that was my greatest source of stress. The school was trying to tell me that I needed to stay in P.E to get all my credits and I was not having it. They felt that moving the two football players out was better. No. I got my way as soon as I went to the principle. So I’m in a much happier mood.