Sorry it’s taken so long to post this. I’ve had the worst week, losing most all of my friends. I’m failing school, and I’m probably going to get in a big fight tomorrow if not next week. One of my friends was harassing another student and was being a total bitch. I’ve been getting really tired of her (having all of my classes with her) and so I was done letting her harass other people. She asked the other student what she was going to name her band in a really obnoxious way so I looked over at her and asked “what are you going to name your children?” She of course became infuriated and tried to slap me which got me even more annoyed because all she ever does is say how stupid everyone else is and I was done with it. Anyway we almost got into a physical confrontation but fortunately we didn’t (I hate violence especially physical). So now she’ll probably have her boyfriend beat me up and I’ll get them both in quite a bit of trouble. Long story short, if a friendship starts out bad you probably shouldn’t continue with it.