World peace though very desirable is not possible with the mindset of the people of today. The need to fight is in human nature and it probably won’t go away for a few hundred years until we’ve evolved. I’ll tell you my opinion of evolution in a later post. I think that if world peace was achieved then well the world would be a better place. An example of this is Japan. They were forced to give up their military by the US and because they stopped using their intellect for their military and focused on other things, they became one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. ( If every country in the world agreed to a truce and to dissolve their military then the world could work together in making advancements in other things. Cancer might be cured if all of the millions of dollars of funding switched from making guns to finding a cure. Diabetes, AID’s, it could all be cured; all that is needed is world peace. And for those who, like me, care for the environment more funding could go to finding better fuels for our cars, and better way’s to help the planet. Of course this won’t be possible for a good century if not longer, because humans just have a need to fight.