Being Eco-friendly isn’t just how you practice your life style. It should be connected to you in every aspect of your life, it should be as natural as breathing. Since I do live at home (Yea, yea, but I’m going to community college and instead of wasting space in a dorm I’m saving money and being Eco-friendly) I am happy to say that it was because of me that there was such a big shift with the things in the house. It was because of me that the furnace was turned down one notch for the winter, saving thousands of pounds of CO2. I also doubled the number of plants in the house (now over 29) 3 of which pull toxins out of the air, and one of which is a tree that is taking over the living room. OK I need to stop bragging or at least being arrogant. There are a ton of things you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint.
RECYCLE. That is definitely one; the energy saved by recycling one aluminum can is enough to power a TV for 3 hours. There’s other way’s to recycle also, I use the water from my fish tank to water my plants.
Use recycled materials. Buy organic, I own an outfit that is organic (cotton shirt with linen pants).

Take shorter showers, if I remember correctly every minute your in the shower you use 5 gallons of water.

Close your blinds in the winter, you keep much more heat in that way. On sunny day’s open them though you’ll let the sun in which will help heat your house. In the summer you should close them and keep the heat out and the cool in.

Keep your tires inflated, you can save about 20 cents every time you fill up your tank.

Don’t leave the lights on. When you leave a room turn off the light, not only dose it save energy but it’s good for the light bulb as well.