You know the feeling you get when you’re being watched? I’ve been feeling that for about a week now. At first it started when I got out of the shower and was drying off a few day’s ago. I was positive that someone was watching me through the window. Then when I was walking to the bus I was sure someone was following me, I could hear the foot steps behind me most of the way to the bus. As soon as I was near the other kids for the bus it sounded like the steps would veer off to the left behind me and go off to the near by woods. No one was ever there of course, I checked many times. Just now something was outside, there was a loud noise from the woods, sounded like a few branches clunking together. As I’m writing I have the most agitating feeling of being watched, I physically feel the need to get up and move from the window. I couldn’t even write for a few seconds, I felt like someone was standing right next to the glass and that they were reading what I was writing about them. I’ve felt very uneasy for the last few day’s. Something is brewing and it’s trouble. I’m sure it’s not just for me either. It’s feels like a civil war will be along any day now. I keep seeing flashes of war in our cities, body’s lying in the street, building’s on fire, car’s destroyed. Just the most awful things that shouldn’t be thought of. The image keeps showing in my head, and it’s worrying.